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Select Your Character!! Select Your Character!!

Rated 5 / 5 stars



Initial D: Drift Stage Initial D: Drift Stage

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


definitely a good game. Although there are a lot of small things that bother me. The graphics first of all. Initial d takes place in the mountains, so I think you should have had guardrails and a bit of green next to them, then let it fade into black. Also, there should be lines and arrows on the road like a japanese road. The car should also make skid marks.
The sound.. it needs sfx, and possibly different songs.
The drifting. Usually to drifit, you'll brake so you shift the weight to the front of the car, then turn sharply and fling the tail out, Then the drift can be controlled by the gas, brakes, and the steering. So, you'd be able to hold a really long drift through a large turn. In this game though it seems to just delay the natural turn(so you cant hold it), so it looks like you're sliding for a bit.

So, if you made it that if you turned you had to put on the brakes to actually go around without slowing down, it'd be more realistic, and people cold keep on improving rather than being constricted to the lack of control over turns. There should just be a challenge to flinging out the tail.

Lastly, it'd be even moree fun if the tracks were longer, and more like a mountain road, by making it from point a to b in one lap. Also being able to race a computer opponent wouldn't make it get as boring as fast.

Of course I look for perfection, so what Im saying may not be in the same range as your skill. eh heh. But I really like the concept of the game so I'd really like to see an improved version, even though I cant stop playing this version.

authorblues responds:

even though i do consider myself fairly knowledgeable about the concept of drifting, what youre asking for is fairly difficult (but possible, nonetheless). maybe ill have you beta test my next drift engine.

i too constantly seek perfection ^_^